Western Corporation Qatar

Western Corporation Qatar is a subsidiary of Western Corporation UK Ltd.



Pumps, Blowers, Solid Liquid Separators, Process and Electric Heaters, Filters, Fans & Blowers, Air & Instrument Compressor and Tools.

Cable Protector Manufacturers


Pipes, Fittings, Flanges Gaskets, Stud Bolts, Strainers, Pipe Supports, Spring Hangers, Hose & Hose couplings, PE/PP/HDP Pipe & Fittings and Special Piping items.

Grainger Safety Equipment Suppliers in Qatar


Ball / Gate / Globe / Check / Butterfly Valves (Manual / Pneumatic / Hydraulic / Electrically operated).

Strainer Manufacturers in Qatar


Transformers, Motors, Cable Trays, Electrical Bulks, Electrical Panels and Electrical Cable.

Grainger Product Dealers in Qatar


Control Valves, Instrument Tubes & fittings, Process Instruments, Instrument Panels, Pressure / Temperature/Level Gauges, Instrument Cables.

Justrite Safety Cabinets in Qatar


Welding equipment & consumables, Oils, Coolant, Consumables for plant maintenance.

Stainless Steel Bollards Suppliers in Qatar

Structural Steel

Various grade & type steels, Gratings, Prefab structures & buildings and railings.

Cable Protector Qatar

Safety Products

Fire Fighting Equipment, Fire Pumps, PPE safety products, Cable and Hose protection, Traffic and Parking lot safety solutions, Eye wash stations.

Justrite Safety Cabinet Supplier in Qatar

Products For Rail, Ship Building and Infrastructure Industries

Procurement and Supply of Materials and Equipment for Rail, Ship building and Infrastructure Industries.


- Cranes
- Material Handling System
- Fall Protection System
- Clamp Fittings
- Barriers and Handrail
- Tools
- Piping items
- Fasteners
- Electrical items & Bulks
- Fire Fighting material and Pumps
- Cable and Cable Trays
- Valves
- Mooring ropes, wires & cables


- Railway Fish Plate
- Steel Rail
- Fish Bolt
- Rail Te Plate
- Railway Sleeper
- Ballast
- Railroad Spike


- Excavators
- Backhoe
- Dragline Excavator
- Bulldozers
- Graders
- Wheel Tractor Scraper
- Trenchers
- Loaders - Tower Cranes
- Pavers
- Compactors
- Telehandlers
- Feller Bunchers
- Dump Trucks
- Pile Boring Machine
- Pile Driving Machine

Justrite Safety Cabinet Supplier in Qatar

Filters and Strainers


Filtertechniks (http://filtertechniks.co.in/)provides state of the art filtration solutions from very coarse to fine filtration down to 0.2 microns with backwashing facility and 100% recovery of cake for certain applications.

The range includes single modular filters to modular filtration systems across the filtration spectrum handling your filtration needs via both, standard off-the-shelf filters and custom designed solutions. Their product range also includes;

• Automatic Self-Cleaning Filters
• Cyclonic Solids Liquid Separators
• Simplex / Duplex Basket Filters
• Triplex / Quadruplex Filters to clients’ needs
• Basket cum Magnetic Filters
• Oil Filters – Fuel Oil, Lube Oil, Refinery Products
• Cartridge Filters
• Bag Filters
• Y / T / Conical Strainers
• Air / Gas Filters

Industrial Safety Products

We are the Distributor and largest stockiest of the Industrial Safety Products from Justrite Safety Group.

Justrite Safety Group

• Checkers Industrial Safety Products
• Eagle Safety Products
• Hughes Safety Products
• Notrax Safety Products
• SALL Safety Products
• US Chemical STORAGE Products
• Accuform Safety Products

Worker & Workplace Safety

• Cable Management - Light-, Medium-, Heavy-, and Extreme-Duty Cable and Hose protection systems, including Yellow Jacket, the original cable protector, Hose Bridges
• Heavy Duty Wheel chock, Wheel stopper, Speed Hump.
• Emergency Showers
• Hazardous Storage
• Industrial Matting
• Motion Safety

Environmental Protection

• Aerosol Recycling
• Ground Protection
• Material Handling
• Secondary Containment
• Spill Containment

SS Bollards, Crash Rails and Tactile Studs & strips

Stainless Steel Bollards offer a ‘clean’ and modern aesthetic which complement most building facades or locations, offering low maintenance and strength all in one. The standard finish of our Stainless Steel bollards is a ‘brushed satin’ (240 grit) with a highly polished mirror finishes also available to order. Standard material is grade 304 with marine grade 316 also available for ‘harsher’ marine type environments.

Oilfield equipment and spares

Mud Pump Expendables
Valve & Seat
Bottom Hole Assembly
Drill Pipes
Thread Protectors
Pressed Steel Thread Protectors
Composite Protectors
Rig Spares
Hydraulic Fluid
Engine Oil
Storage / Thread Compound
Handling Tools
Ram Block
Galley Equipment
Maintenance, Repair and Operations Equipment
Fittings & Flanges
Pressure Gauges
Hand Tools / Hardware
Safety Equipment
Hose & Fittings
General Supplies
Marine Equipment
Cable Protector in Qatar



Our process equipment fabrication partner is well equipped to undertake the most specialized fabrication jobs covering pressure vessels, process equipment and storage tanks. A vast array of CNC / Automatic and semi-automatic welding equipment is lined up to ensure the fastest possible production time under the most stringent QC procedures possible for a vessel fabrication facility.

The Engineering Department has in-depth industry knowledge and experience with Oil & Gas, Chemicals, Food & Water process technologies, and demonstrate their competence regularly by providing customized, value-added and cost-effective solutions to clients by the utilization of leading edge technologies and best practices.

Stainless Steel Bollards Suppliers


Our Structural steel fabrication partner provides total solutions in Projects and maintains a dedicated team for the Design, Detail Engineering, supply, fabrication and Erection of complex constructionsof steel structure.

Stainless Steel Bollards Suppliers


Our partner in this field is one of the largest manufacturers of Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings (PEB) and Sandwich Panels in the world. The PEB (Pre-Engineered Building) concept or the Metal Building System was first developed in the USA after World War II, as one of the solutions for the increasing demand of fast economic growth, and then transferred the concept to other industrialized countries. The Metal Building System consists of a complete steel frame building system, with pre-designed components to best suit any unique customer requirements.

The PEB system offers multiple advantages to the end-user; the most notable are low initial investment, fast construction time, low maintenance cost, large clear spans, infinite choice of layouts, inherent resistance to earthquakes, ease of expansion and unique attractive appearance.

Stainless Steel Bollards Suppliers