Pumps, Blowers, Solid Liquid Separators, Process and Electric Heaters, Filters, Fans & Blowers, Air & Instrument Compressor and Tools.

Cable Protector Manufacturers


Pipes, Fittings, Flanges Gaskets, Stud Bolts, Strainers, Pipe Supports, Spring Hangers, Hose & Hose couplings, PE/PP/HDP Pipe & Fittings and Special Piping items.

Grainger Safety Equipment Suppliers in UAE


Ball / Gate / Globe / Check / Butterfly Valves (Manual / Pneumatic / Hydraulic / Electrically operated).

Strainer Manufacturers in UAE


Transformers, Motors, Cable Trays, Electrical Bulks, Electrical Panels and Electrical Cable.

Grainger Product Dealers in Dubai


Control Valves, Instrument Tubes & fittings, Process Instruments, Instrument Panels, Pressure / Temperature/Level Gauges, Instrument Cables.

Justrite Safety Cabinets in Dubai


Welding equipment & consumables, Oils, Coolant, Consumables for plant maintenance.

Stainless Steel Bollards Suppliers in UAE

Structural Steel

Various grade & type steels, Gratings, Prefab structures & buildings and railings.

Cable Protector UAE

Safety Products

Fire Fighting Equipment, Fire Pumps, PPE safety products, Cable and Hose protection, Traffic and Parking lot safety solutions, Eye wash stations.

Justrite Safety Cabinet Supplier in UAE

Products For Rail, Ship Building and Infrastructure Industries

Procurement and Supply of Materials and Equipment for Rail, Ship building and Infrastructure Industries.


- Cranes
- Material Handling System
- Fall Protection System
- Clamp Fittings
- Barriers and Handrail
- Tools
- Piping items
- Fasteners
- Electrical items & Bulks
- Fire Fighting material and Pumps
- Cable and Cable Trays
- Valves
- Mooring ropes, wires & cables


- Railway Fish Plate
- Steel Rail
- Fish Bolt
- Rail Te Plate
- Railway Sleeper
- Ballast
- Railroad Spike


- Excavators
- Backhoe
- Dragline Excavator
- Bulldozers
- Graders
- Wheel Tractor Scraper
- Trenchers
- Loaders - Tower Cranes
- Pavers
- Compactors
- Telehandlers
- Feller Bunchers
- Dump Trucks
- Pile Boring Machine
- Pile Driving Machine

Justrite Safety Cabinet Supplier in UAE